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Large Capacity vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer For Potassium Permanganate

Place of Origin CHINA
نام تجاری YIBU
گواهی CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
Model Number GZQ
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
قیمت Negotiation
Packaging Details Woodencase
Delivery Time 8weeks
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 20 SETS PER MONTH
جزئیات محصول
مواد فلزی SUS316/SUS304/فولاد کربنی و غیره منبع گرمایش بخار / برق / گاز طبیعی و غیره
ظرفیت سفارشی سند FAT/IQ/OQ/PQ
دما 80-200 درجه سانتیگراد تبخیر آب 50-2500 کیلوگرم در ساعت

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Potassium permanganate GZQ   Vibrating Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Drying Machine (Vibrating Drying Machine ) (Horizontal Vibrating Dryer)( FBD Pharm vibrating dryer )

GZQ Series Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer
Product Description:
GZQ Series Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer is widely applied in the industry of pharmaceutical,food,plastics,oil,slag,salt,chemical,sugar and etc.It dries and cools granules and powder.
Operating Principle:
Material goes into the hopper and moves forwards continuously along the conveyer line under the vibration.Heat flows up through fluidized bed,brings away the moisture in the material in the material.Then dried material discharges.
The machine is powered by vibrating motor.This machine has the characteristics of stability and reliability in operation,low noise,long life and easy maintenance.
It works highly efficiently and save more than 30% energy than other dryers.The fluidized bed makes the material heated evenly,no overheating at any area.The vibration force is strong end even,and accepts stepless adjustment according to the design.The process is harmless to the material no matter what size or shape it is.
The machine is completely enclosed in order to prevent the pollution from the environment.It keeps environment clean and runs constantly.
Several machines can be connected to process big amount material with high moisture.
Nowadays, YIBU have customers both in China and abroad.Foreign customers such as Russian,East Europe,Middle East,South America,North America,East Asia,Southeast Asia, Africa,etc.

Adopt vibration motor, it is smooth in running and convenient in maintenance. The noise is low and the service life is long.
The state of fluidization is uniform and no dead gaps or broken phenomenon so to even dry, cool product.
It is good in adjustment and wide in the field of application. The thickness of raw material and the speed of raw material to be moved inside the machine and the change of vibration range can be steeples. The damage the surface of raw material is small. So it can be used for raw materials that are easily to be broken. If the granule is not normal, the effect of process can not be effected.
The structure is fully seal, it is effective to prevent from cross pollution of raw materials and the working environment is clean.
The mechanical and heat are high and its effective of energy saving, compared to ordinal dryer, 30-60% of energy is saved.
The moist powder layer is vibrated on an air distributor plate. The effect of the vibration combined with the upward and forward directed flow of drying air through the perforated plate create ideal processing conditions and powder transport. Thanks to the vibration, it is possible to operate with fluidized powder layers of less than 200 mm. This gives a narrow and swift controlled residence time whilst avoiding attrition.
Large Capacity  vibrating  Fluid Bed Dryer For Potassium Permanganate 0
Application :
It is applicable for drying, cooling of powder or granule state materials, such as citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulphur, compound fertilizer, piece of radish, bean, lees, seed, mine reside and sugar, in chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, grain, mine and so on industries.


Bed Size Overall Dimension Vibration Motor
Water Evaporation
GZQ A1(mm) B2(mm) A B C
GZQ3×30 300 3000 3505 1830 890 0.5×2 1240 30-50
GZQ3×45 300 4500 5005 1830 1116 0.75×2 1570 45-70
GZQ6×45 600 4500 5005 1940 1286 1.1×2 1967 90-150
GZQ6×60 600 6000 6510 1940 1286 1.1×2 2743 120-200
GZQ6×75 600 7500 8010 1940 1286 1.1×2 2886 150-250
GZQ9×60 900 6000 6510 2110 1830 2.2×2 3540 180-300
GZQ9×75 900 7500 8010 2110 1830 2.2×2 4219 220-370
GZQ12×75 1200 7500 8010 2450 2400 3×2 5223 300-500
GZQ15×75 1500 7500 8010 2570 2850 4×2 6426 370-620
GZQ18×80 1800 8000 8520 3100 3250 5.5×2 8600 450-700